Vikash & Chandni


Entertaining times can be had by just about anyone when it comes to taking pictures, which is why I find it funny sometimes how most people get nervous when in front of a camera.

In the moment, it’s all about creating an atmosphere that everyone can feel relaxed in.  If you feel a couple may be a bit camera shy I always recommend taking them to the beach.  This was how I approached Vikash and Chandni’s engagement session.  The sounds of the waves are relaxing, and there is so much room to play around with.  Most people I know enjoy walking in the sand, and who can resist splashing a little water around as well?

It took about 5 minutes to get them in the groove.  A nice breeze, some cool wave action and a few joking words and all went crazy good from there.  We spent a lot of time running around the beach taking pictures, and as the sun set I captured three of my favorite images.  It was obvious to me how much these two loved each other, and with the sun setting, I saw a great opportunity to play with silhouettes.  A little direction, and walk away.  It’s never surprising what happens next when you ask two people, who are very much in love, to look at each other~