The Smiths

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Everywhere you go has it’s own atmosphere.  The smell in the air, the sounds, the people…all make each place special and unique.   A recent trip back to Jacksonville, Florida reminded me of how special it is, and how great the people are.   I have so many fond memories with friends in Jax during my 11 years of living there before moving to Orlando.  Bring in Justin & Rachel, a very easy going couple with nothing but true love between them, and you could only imagine another great story was about to be made.  From the gorgeous cathedral I had spent years waiting to capture a wedding in, Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Jacksonville, to the riverside reception at the Hyatt Regency, it was non-stop fun mixed with high emotions and two very loving families.  When you saw Justin & Rachel smile at one another, watched Justin make Rachel laugh time and again, and simply see them hold each other close you could just feel the enormous amount of love they both shared.  Capturing their wedding story was a true honor.  Then we once again left Jacksonville with more tremendous memories, and the feeling of just…wow ~

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