Stephen & Katie

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There is nothing like a trip to the country for an engagement session!  Fresh air, vast landscapes and two incredible people make for one awe inspiring time and wonderfully beautiful images.  It was HOT!  We were all sweating from the heat, but that didn’t stop us from having fun!  That’s the thing about engagement sessions that I love so much…the laughter and playful spirit that ensues once the camera starts going to work.  Stephen & Katie were naturals, not only for the camera, but with each other.  So easy to be around, their love was intoxicating to the senses…two personalities that functioned as one…all the while welcoming you to be a part of their world with open arms.  There is a bond of spirits that happens, and a fundamental shift in the universe once you’ve established that connection with your subjects.  Of course at this point the heavens chimed in with an enormous  full rainbow appearing in the sky above…simply “The icing on the cake”, you could say.  My assistant, Dhruv, and I left that day feeling as though we had been part of something very special.  Once you view these images it’ll be easy for you to see how special it truly was.