Ryan & Meghan


Have you ever been there for THE moment?  In all honesty, there is nothing like it.  Life changes in an instant, and nothing will be the same again.  These are the most significant happenings of our lives, and such an honor it is for us to be there to capture them.  When Ryan asked me to secretly photograph his proposal I was more than happy to say, “YES!”  This is my passion, what life is all about, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Watching it all unfold, a very nervous groom-to-be get down on his knee, lift the ring and utter those magic words, “Will you marry me?”…it was priceless, especially with the tremendous speed with which he did it!  The rest was all about his future Fiancé’s expressions…and she delivered perfectly!  With the help of my trusty assistant, Dhruv, we were able to deliver this chapter of their story to last a lifetime.  After it was all said and done, Ryan introduced us to Meghan, let her know we were hiding in the shadows to capture this for them, and asked if she wanted to do a quick photo session…she gleefully said, “YES!”(For the 2nd time!), and we jumped into action!   They had dinner reservations, and we had 15 minutes to bring it all together.  The rest is history…thank you Ryan & Meghan for letting us share in this incredible moment in your lives~