Justin & Rachel

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Oh how I love St. Augustine, Florida.  It’s the oldest city in America, and provides an amazing background for portraits.  Add the element  of a beautiful and refreshing couple, and suddenly everything is just perfect!   This session I decided to take a different path than my normal St. Augustine picture route.  We took a nice long walk down the relatively unknown Cordova Street, and found so many great places to capture their love story.  Justin & Rachel were a true pleasure to work with.  Who couldn’t enjoy a couple that is so clearly in love?  They were simply just a lot of fun to be around.  We had a ton of laughs and beautifully shared moments.  The only direction I needed to provide was, “Love each other”, and they were candy for my camera!  I can’t wait for their wedding in October, it’s going to be incredible!  But until then, I’ll enjoy these images and the fact I’ve made some amazing new friends.