Chad & StacyThe journey begins...


Themed engagement sessions can be amazing.  Throw in a hilarious couple, and it goes way beyond expectations!  I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull this one off, but damn…it couldn’t have been any more perfect!  Chad and Stacy were so incredible to work with, and we had more fun than I could have ever anticipated.  Tons of laughs and follies ensued as we started the day in Winter Park, and worked our way to the train station.  Their ultimate goal being a trip to Japan for their honeymoon was the theme for their engagement session, and we nailed it!  50’s attire and vibrant green totally matched their personalities. Add in some antique luggage, one being the suitcase Stacy’s mother used for her wedding dress, and the scene was set.   Our journey, though only a few hours, was a lifetime experience, and I for one was simply enthralled every second of it.  You couldn’t help but smile being around these two fun-loving people, and soak up their undeniable love for one another.  Exactly what I look for in a client, a friend, a couple…life in love~

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